Cen-Grand 9i-938 Pre Amp

9i-938 is an excellent AMP for HiFi with powerful power output capability.

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The Cen-Grand 9i-938/958 Pre Amp & Dual Mono Amplifiers were designed to drive large loudspeakers. They have played an important role in all of our exhibits at many Hi-Fi shows over the years. They can drive even the most inefficient speakers from any manufacturer with power to spare. 

The Pre-Amp consists of discrete components and uses an all-balanced circuit topology called “Linear equalization” in which both the inputs and output are fully balanced. 

It has two XLRs, two RCA inputs and two sets of XLR outputs.  The volume control uses a combination of MUSES72320 + MUSES02 with a range of  -65db to +5db. 

It can be operated in direct mode, with both volume and amplifier circuits working.  It can also be operated in buffer mode, where only the volume part works and the amplifier part does not. Which mode is the best depends on the choice of the user.

The Cen-Grand 9i-938 Pre Amp has two modes. The left is the standard mode (Direct) and the right is the volume mode (Buffer). In volume mode the pre-amp circuit is disabled. Just press the Buffer button to switch between these two modes.

9i-958 monoblocks are capable of high current output in addition to high power output.  There are two amplifiers inside each unit with 250 watts using identical parameters working in bridge mode.  They use a fully symmetrical circuit design with huge transformers rated at 1500W and a power supply using 30,000uF capacitance to drive 12 pairs of high-power transistors.

Our DSD DACs use the latest advanced technology, but we decided to stick with a well-proven traditional design for our 9i-958 power amplifiers. After years of experimentation using the highest quality components we have achieved the absolute best performance. Our long-term commitment to this design has paid off with a fantastic-sounding monoblock that will help you extract incredible transparency from your loudspeakers.

9i-938 Specs

Frequency response20-20KHz (0.2db)
Gain-65db ~ +5db
Dimension43cm(Width), 10.5cm(height), and 33.5cm(depth)
Net Weight12.4kg
Gross Weight14.6KG

9i-958 Specs

Power output 900W (8 Ohm), 1600W (4 Ohm)
Dimension47cm(Width, 45cm(height, and 36c(depth)
Net Weight53kg
Gross Weight62kg

9i-806 “Little Silver Fox” headphone Amp

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